Triquetra Necklace


I first made this necklace as a commission for a member of my lovely family.

I used to draw these a lot in primary school. When we were studying the Book of Kells or Celtic drawings.  Trying to get it to cross over the right way at each point was REALLY tricky.  I seem to remember it was mostly with Mrs. Spicer who was a sub teacher we had every now and again.  I went to a small country school in Cobh, Co. Cork.  A total of 72 pupils at one stage!  Mrs Spicer used to tell us stories of when she met the fairies in the fields around the Cunninghams.  (One of my neighbours across the fields) She even produced a little pair of shoes to prove to us she met them.  What a GREAT story that was.  She was a real Seanchaí. (Irish for storyteller).  I digress…


I have since done a little more digging to find out a bit more about the triquetra.  And here is what I have found out.

The word itself Triquetra comes from the latin for “three” and quetrus “cornered”.  (handy having a mum who speaks Latin!) It has evolved with the addition of the circle. Which made it even trickier (but more enjoyable) to make.

It is also known as a “trinity knot”, or the Celtic triangle. The design is used by Christianity as a symbol of the “Holy Trinity” (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  And in Pagan religions as the “Triple Goddess” (Mother, Maiden and Crone).  It is similar to Odin’s symbol, the valknut, which is three interlocked triangles.

In some modern traditions, it represents the connection of mind, body and soul, and in Celtic-based Pagan groups it is symbolic of the three realms of earth, sea and sky

There is also a tradition for a loved one to give a gift such as a necklace or ring signifying their affection. The triquetra, is believed to represent the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honour, and protect, similar to the Claddagh design of the crown (loyalty), heart (love) and hands (friendship).

So no matter what your beliefs this necklace is a powerful symbol of love and unity.

If you would like one for you or someone special it is available in my Etsy shop here:


Thanks for reading.


Making a bespoke piece of jewellery is a honour. Here are a few pieces that I have had the pleasure to make.

My lovely friend Dan is modelling the first ring (the chocolate cake behind him was for a birthday if I remember correctly). This ring was made as a gift to a Gemini man who loves Tribal tattoos.  I worked with his beautiful wife (a good friend and very talented make up artist) and finally settled on this design.

Sterling silver mens ring sterling silver ring mens jewellery mans thumb ring silver   Sterling silver mens ring sterling silver ring mens jewellery mans thumb ring silver a

Next up is another mans ring, but not a thumb ring this time.  It is a chunky silver wedding ring (replacing a previous ring lost in the sea!) Oops! This is one that I made for my brother, so an extra special honour for me.  He very kindly sent me a pic of it as I neglected to take a picture of it when I made it.  It went all the way to Australia.  (my nephew is an amazing artist you can see his picture in the background)  And the ring fits!!!  Phew!  He has been wearing it whilst out training as a volunteer lifeguard and so far it is still there.  Job well done.


The next commission is an extra special AMAZING piece that I had the pleasure to design and make.  It was also commission for a man.  Hmmm maybe there is a pattern forming here…Silver Dragon, silver pendant silver dragon pendant with peridot

I call this Minas Dragon.  It is a strong dragon with a beautiful peridot set for the eye.  I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I think you will agree, it is pretty special.  It was intended to be interchangeable as a pendant or a key ring.  This took me many hours of carving and redoing and making sure the scales were “just right”.  I am very proud of this one.

Not the end of my commissions, but the end of this post at least.  A pair of cufflinks that my husband asked me to make for him.  He loves them so much he wears them regularly to work and gets LOADS of compliments.  So now I stock them in my etsy shop!!!  I present to you da da dahhhhhhhhh  paper clip cufflinks.  I made these in silver but they can also be made in gold.

Cuff Links silver cuff links paperclip cuff links novelty cuff links 1

I think I should follow this up with the commissions that I have made for the ladies.  I have quite a few to choose from that I can share with you.  Bangles made as bridesmaid gifts, a necklace with a princess cut stone, a backdrop necklace, matching sister rings, dangle textured oxidised earrings and a triquetra pendant for an 18th birthday.

Thank you for reading.  Let me know what you think!