Pauline is an Irish born, cat loving, craft obsessed resident of the beautiful seaside city of Brighton in the UK.

She first found her love of craft in school when taught how to knit.  The obsession escalated to knitting over 50 cuddly toys – rabbits, elephants, mice and even a large Santa Claus!  Her mother still has some of the evidence.

After having her daughter she went in searching of something to light the fire of crafting once again.  She was recommended by a close friend to try silver smithing.  After her first class she was hooked.  A craft that could combine stress relief (hitting metal with a hammer and melting stuff) with creating beautiful jewellery.  She was home.

First learning her craft with Julian Stephens in the Brighton North Laine adding to that studies in Hove at the Cross Street workshop, she grew to love this new craft so much she thought “maybe I could give up my day job”.

That was the beginning of her journey.  Still studying (as there is SOOOO much to learn).  Always creating new designs and learning new techniques.  Her passion for making jewellery has never waned.

IMG_20150214_104212  IMG_20150125_075223

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