Making a room cohesive

Following on from my first post about my parents living room.  I now give you – how to bring the room together!

I basically painted the majority of furniture with one colour – Annie Sloan Old Ochre chalk paint.  Once the end cabinet was done it was obvious that to bring the room cohesivley together what it needed was more painting!  Cue MASSIVE groan.  That’s where the snowball began.

Thank GOODNESS the paint is so easy to go on.  When doing the larger pieces of  dark wood furniture I did end up using an undercoat first.  As for the end cabinet, I had to do three coats of paint and then one coat of varnish.  So that was a LOT of painting, my poor aching arm. (SO worth it though)  As long as the surface is clean and dry before you start, you are good to go.  And when I say a layer of undercoat it isn’t like a very nicely perfectly painted piece.  You are literally just using it to take the harm out of the dark wood so that it doesn’t show up through the paint.  A VERY rough coat indeed.  It’s still the same number of coats but you get to save a little on being so precise with the chalk paint.

So in the Living Room I painted:

The marble fireplace and wooden surround (painting marble who knew!  LOVED it)

A large mirror

2 tables

2 stools

A cabinet

2 light fixtures (who knew – my Dad was the one who wanted those and as he wasn’t objecting to the rest of it so I got right to it!)

and 4 wicker baskets

Here is a little sample of what I was working with.  Mostly dark wood and a fair amount of varnish.


So the majority I covered in Old Ochre. The fireplace surround and the mirror were both done in Louis Blue. A really lovely blue, a lot paler than the other Annie Sloan blues that I have put in my house.  There is a little of it in the carpet so it looks GREAT!  A really beautiful pop of colour I think.  The entire room was lifted.  You now walk in and take a big sigh and chillax into one of the sofas to watch the Bake Off, or Countryfile whichever is your fancy 🙂

Unfortunately, as it was not my intention to paint the whole bl**dy room, I don’t have a great before shot.  BUT this is the after shot.  It looks GREAT though doesn’t it!  (Note my daughter was in the middle of organising a sports club hence all the cuddly toys at the back)


I do have a before and after of the fireplace.  Now THAT looks great.  (Those tables are now Old Ochre also)

Before and After Fireplace

Next Stop…. The Porch, which includes, a hat stand, a rocking chair, another chair, a wee table (with a little Calvin & Hobbes decoupage) and a bookshelf.  Oh and the DOOR!  SO pleased my Mother and Father let me paint their door.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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