My Mams Living Room Cabinet

My parents have had this dark wooden cabinet ever since I can remember. I think it went in at some stage of the mid 80s. But I’m not sure.  Mam has been saying how much she would like to change it.

Mams dark cabinet

It definitely could do with a little TLC.

Before I go any further, a foreword is required.

I went home to Ireland for the month of August (which was heavenly) and let me tell you I had no intention of doing anything other than hanging out with my parents and daughter and catching up with as many friends that were around. Somehow I ended up painting 14 pieces of furniture…  I still caught up with some friends and got to hang out with my parents and daughter a lot.  But talk about the snowball effect! The cabinet was the start of the whole thing.

So I myself have painted almost every piece of furniture in my house with annie sloan chalk paint. I LOVE the stuff.  It will go on anything and look beautiful!  Although I have previously tried it on shiny leather and it wasn’t so good.  I put it down to inexperience.  I digress…

I thought it time to introduce my mother to the delights of chalk paint.  After discussing it we decided on a mixture of old white and henrietta.  I Googled Annie Sloan Cork.  As this paint is only available in the smaller retail outlets.  Buy from the smaller suppliers when you can peeps!

I was hoping there was a local stockist and ta daaaa! I found ‘The Paint Pot’ ( on St. Patricks Quay in Cork City.  I headed on up there and spoke to Jackie who THANKFULLY talked me out of that and INTO Old Ochre. I hadn’t used it before.  And boy am I glad I changed the plan.  So is my mother! The Henrietta would have been too much pink for that room.

The cabinet was an absolute MONSTER to paint.  All those different compartments and corners.  And to add insult to injury my little roller broke half way through.  But I ploughed on and boy am I happy that I did. Dogged determination. I get that from my Dad I think.

Ta Daaaaaa!!!!

Mams lving room cabinet

That is where the snowball started. The end cabinet was done and the TV cabinet started shouting at us. I think that is 40 years old and also in dire need of a lick if paint.  So that went old ochre. Jackie also had these beautiful handles which with the help of my wonderful father we also changed. The TV cabinet needed a couple of new holes made and a few holes needed to be filled. The end result is a beautiful cohesive unit that actually matches. It makes the room feel lighter and more pleasant to sit in and watch The Great British Bake Off.  WHAT a difference. It took me the guts of two days. 3 coats plus a coat of varnish.  I would normally use wax but thankfully Jackie introduced me to varnish which gives a great finish and is a LOT quicker and easier to apply.

Then the fireplace started shouting at us, a combination of DARK wood and marble.  BUT I’ll leave that to another post…  I needed a rest in my Mothers amazing garden


and a giggle with Calvin and Hobbes before I did any more painting.

Calvin why people don't like cats

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