The importance of being with tea

You will need a brief history for this blog post to make sense.

Tea is important to me. Not just ANY old tea. BARRYS TEA. I am from Cork in The Republic of Ireland. The best tea in Ireland is Barrys Tea.  (It helped that they sponsored the Cork hurling team from 1991 – 1997, although we didn’t win the Championship during this time) But if you ask most Irish people they will say it is the best tea in the world…  Can I say now that I have no affliates with this brand.  They do not pay me to post this, it’s an Irish thing.  Ask your Irish mate, they will understand.  Like Taytos or white pudding.

It is difficult to obtain, (for a reasonable price) which makes it a precious commodity in any Barrys tea drinking household outside of Eire.  A recent post on facebook to my friends bemoaning the fact that I TORE a teabag caused an outpouring of sympathy.  Particularly from my friends and family who live abroad.

It is a little bit of home that I can have every day.  I have two cups of tea a day (on a normal day).  One in the morning and one in the evening.  That is my routine.  If I feel homesick, one of the first things I do is have a cup of Barrys. Then I call my Mammy. If I feel crappy about something I have a cup of Barrys and talk to my husband who is the BEST listener.  These are the foundations without which this morning events would make no sense.

So!  This morning I went into the kitchen to make my breakfast.  I was pottering away – put the kettle on to boil, pop the eggs into the saucepan, notice the sink needs a bit of a clean so I get distracted with that for 5 minutes.  I get my cup out of the cupboard, put the tea bag in the cup….  But I pause, While reaching up to get a tea bag my hand grasps thin air.  I look up to see this…

Barrys tea missing

My heart sank.

There was a missing space in my kitchen where the Barrys tea usually sit!!!!  The remnants of the previous box only made it worse.  My first thought was maybe there is enough tea dust to make a cup.  Then my brain kicked in (it was still early I have a 5 year old who likes to get up at first light).

I could have panicked, to be honest I did a little bit.  (making tea out of tea dust seriously?)  But then I thought – NO!, there MUST be some more somewhere.  We stock up with at least four boxes whenever we get it.  Luckily there is a relatively close supermarket that has a large foreign food aisle.  But I knew I hadn’t bought it in a LONG time.  I only hoped my husband had stocked up the last time he went.  Although it can run out quite quickly (probably because if you are Irish and you spot it you don’t buy one box you buy FOUR!)  My marriage was tettering on whether or not he remembered how important Barrys is to me.

I rummage through the cupboards and I find the other three boxes!  Phew!  My husband loves me!!!  But more importantly my morning breakfast disaster averted.  Now it is back in pride of place (next to the prettiest sugar bowl in the world!)

Barrys tea back in place

And all is good in the world.

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