Short Attention Span Disorder

I have a confession to make.  My first post and I am already confessing!  It must be the Irish Catholic upbringing 🙂

I suffer from SASD.  Short Attention Span Disorder.  This kicks in BIG TIME when I am doing something I don’t want to be doing.  But often out of this short attention span spawns something interesting.

Yesterday, I was at my day job – not my DREAM job which is making jewellery – anyway I was at my day job in an office doing a very tedious task.  I was desperately trying to get it done but also VERY open to distraction.  When my friend Leanne came over for a chat during lunch.  (I like early lunches, so I am often finished before any one else leaves!).  She mentioned how she got a new house key and she HATED it.  At first I was a little perplexed at such a strong emotional reaction to a key but I listened with sympathy and asked to see the key.  That is what my “friend brain” was saying.  The part of my brain that was affected by SASD went YES something that I can do to avoid this tedious work!!  With a BRILLIANT by product of making Leanne smile.  YAY!

This is the offending key.  NOT the pink animal print but the big silver shiny one.

Paint a key pink key painting with nail varnish before

So… I just HAPPEN to have a bottle of bright pink nail varnish in my drawer.  (Nail bar Friday is AWESOME at work when we get around to doing it) I take the keys and start painting.  Luckily she didn’t mind that I didn’t really ask her permission before defacing her new key!  She went off to get lunch while I merrily avoided tedium 🙂

After one coat – what a difference eh!

Paint a key pink key painting with nail varnish one coat

One coat wasn’t quite enough though.  I could still see some of the key beneath.  And as with any good manicure two coats is a must!!!

Paint a key pink key painting with nail varnish after

After two coats the key was nicely covered and now pretty!  Leanne was VERY pleased.  I don’t know how well it will last, I’m thinking maybe a top coat is in order….  I should check back with her in a month to check and adjust my findings 🙂

Just think of the possibilities!!!  Pretty keys that match your nails!!!

I then had to go back to tedium which I finished faster because I was all revved up after crafting.

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